On a Mission

Delving into entrepreneurship is a challenge, especially in media. In the hopes of helping to inspire or educate future media entrepreneurs, this blog is hoping to examine recent media start-ups and how their innovations targeted the consumers. This will include looking at how Facebook changed how we interact with each other, how we get our news from Twitter, and why Instagram is the go-to place for photographs.

Looking at how innovation affected us can hopefully lead to insight in what we’re continuing to lack. Maybe you or I will figure out a direction with which to take our future business venture. Maybe we’ll just have fun talking about how exposed our lives our due to social media or discovering new apps. Either way, this will be a place for exploring media and how people have transformed the term into something new and ambiguous. Let’s try to capture the excitement of a changing landscape and continue to do our part to continue this evolution. They made it for us, but maybe next year, we’ll make media even better for them.


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